Preschool Classes

 Tuesday,  Thursday and Friday 

Ages 3-5 


Saturday classes 

Ages 3-6 


Playing is a young child's way of learning , Spanish 4 Children Academy is arranged to facilitate many wonderful opportunities for creative play.

Your child will learn Spanish through a monthly theme (nature, seasons, science, sea land animals, etc ). The monthly themes are supported by activities in music, play, art, circle time, stories, and outdoor activities.

Holidays at Spanish 4 Children are  acknowledge  but is not the focus of the curriculum.

Each class has a maximum of 10 students and two teachers. 

Winter Schedule

Tuesdays: 1/16-3/13 $297.00 9 weeks session

Thursdays: 1/18-3/15 $297.00 9 weeks session

Fridays: 1/19-3/16 $297.00 9 weeks session

Saturday classes $165.00 6 weeks sessions

Maximum attendance is 12 children 

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Spring Schedule

Monday 3/21-5/28 $.300.00

9:00am-12:00pm and 2:pm-4:30pm

               Tuesday: 3/20-5/29  $330.00 10 weeks session                 Thursday : 3/22-5/31 $363..00 11  weeks session                               Friday: 3/23-6/1  $363.00  11 weeks session

Saturdays: 3/24-5/26  $247..50 9 weeks session

NO SCHOOL 3/31-4-6

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Maximum attendance is 12 children 

Fall 2018​

After school care available

Tuesdays and Thursday 12:pm-2:pm

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Tuesday: 9:am-12pm  8/28-12/18   

Thursday: 9:am-12pm  8/30-12/20  NO CLASS 11/22

Friday: 9:am-12:pm 8/31-12/21 NO CLASS 11/23

Saturdays: 9:30-am-12 pm 9/8-12/22  

December 26,27 and 28 We are open for drop in